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What is Fuse Holder


A fuse holder, also known as a fuse socket or fuse carrier, is a device used to hold and secure a fuse in an electrical circuit. It provides a connection point for the fuse and allows for easy insertion and removal of the fuse when necessary.


The main purpose of a fuse holder is to protect electrical circuits and devices from excessive current. When an electrical circuit experiences a fault or overload, the fuse inside the fuse holder is designed to melt and break the circuit, thus preventing damage to the circuitry or equipment.

Fuse holders come in various sizes and designs to accommodate different types of fuses, such as blade fuses, cartridge fuses, or glass fuses. They are typically made of durable materials like plastic or ceramic to provide insulation and protection.

Fuse holders are commonly used in automotive applications, electrical panels, consumer electronics, industrial equipment, and other electrical systems where circuit protection is required. They are designed to be easily accessible and allow for safe and convenient replacement of fuses when needed.

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