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What is Rocker Switch


A rocker switch is a type of electrical switch that features a rectangular or oval-shaped actuator that rocks back and forth to control the flow of electric current. It is called a rocker switch because of its resemblance to a seesaw or rocking chair motion when it is operated.

Here are the key features and characteristics of a rocker switch:

1. Actuator: The actuator of a rocker switch is a wide, flat, and often concave button that can be pressed on one side and released on the other. It is designed for easy operation with a simple push or rocking motion using a finger or thumb.

2. On/Off Operation: Rocker switches typically have two positions: "on" and "off." When the actuator is pressed on one side, the switch is turned on, and when pressed on the opposite side, it is turned off. The switch remains in the selected position until manually toggled again.

3. Single-Pole, Single-Throw (SPST): Most rocker switches are single-pole, single-throw switches, meaning they have a single set of contacts that can be either open (off) or closed (on). In the "on" position, the contacts are closed, allowing the flow of electric current, and in the "off" position, the contacts are open, interrupting the current flow.

4. Illuminated Options: Some rocker switches are designed with built-in illumination, often using an LED. When the switch is turned on, the illumination provides a visual indication that the circuit is active, making it easy to locate the switch in low-light conditions.

5. Variations: Rocker switches come in various sizes, ratings, and configurations to meet different application requirements. They can have different numbers of poles and throws, allowing for more complex switching functions or multiple circuits to be controlled simultaneously.

6. Mounting Options: Rocker switches are commonly available in panel-mounted configurations. They are installed in a cutout on a panel or control board, with the switch body and terminals secured behind the panel and only the actuator visible and accessible from the front.

7. Application: Rocker switches are used in a wide range of applications, including household appliances, automotive equipment, industrial machinery, electronic devices, power tools, and more. They provide a convenient and user-friendly way to control the on/off operation of electrical circuits.

Rocker switches are popular due to their ease of use, clear on/off indication, and reliability. They are widely available in various styles, colors, and designs to suit different aesthetics and functional requirements.

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