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Why are many pizza boxes made of corrugated paper?


The earliest pizza boxes existed in the 19th century. The pizza chefs in Naples used multi-layered metal boxes to pack pizza, and the pie sellers took this box to the streets.

After "World War II", the soldiers who returned to the United States from the European battlefield could not forget the pizza, and the pizza became more and more popular in the United States, so the disposable pizza box appeared. -In the beginning, people also tried to put the pizza in a paper bag. Although this is very breathable and solves the problem of stuffiness, the pizza is already cold when it is received, and it needs to be heated before it can be eaten.

With more and more takeaway orders, merchants need to put a lot of pizza together, and paper bags can't play a supporting and protective role at all, so people used single-layer cardboard boxes to pack pizza. However, this kind of pizza box is still not strong enough, and it will collapse due to absorbing too much water, which will also affect the taste.

The first patent application for a pizza box made of corrugated cardboard was filed in 1963, and it's pretty much the pizza box we see today.

Boxes made of corrugated cardboard have many advantages: they don’t need tape or staples to seal when folded; Even today, pizza delivery boxes made of corrugated cardboard still dominate the mainstream.

The corrugated cardboard used for pizza boxes is generally a layer of paper on each side, with wavy paper in the middle. The thickness of corrugated cardboard depends on the height of the corrugated paper waves in the middle. According to the size of the corrugated paper, it is divided into A flute, B flute, C flute, E flute, etc.

The thickened structure of the inner core will allow the air to stay inside the corrugated cardboard for a longer period of time, and it is not easy to exchange heat and cold, just like the "down jacket" of pizza. It will keep warm longer than single-ply cardboard boxes.

B corrugated cardboard and E corrugated cardboard are commonly used to make pizza boxes, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. The B corrugated cardboard is slightly thicker, and it is not easy to collapse under the action of water vapor, and some people think that using thicker cardboard to make pizza boxes will look more advanced; the pizza box with E corrugated cardboard has more space inside, because it is more Thin, also convenient to print high-quality pictures on the surface.

Sometimes merchants will choose which corrugated box to use according to the size of the pizza. Large pizzas of 14 to 16 inches use B corrugated paper boxes, and small pizzas of 10 to 12 inches use E corrugated paper boxes.


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